Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Emenees - Rockelation Beat

Play along on your little guitar!

Here's an interesting and unusual find from a local consignment shop that set me back a whopping 20 cents. I was intrigued by the label, band name and song title despite the fact that the record carries a 1973 copyright date that's visible on its flipside. The music doesn't disappoint either. "Rockelation Beat" is a really cool, rockin' instro with lots of sax and a nice guitar break. But why was this released in 1973 when it sounds like it could have been recorded a decade earlier?

The fine print reveals a few clues. First, the record says that Emenee is a subsidiary of the Ohio Arts Company, maker of the Etch-A-Sketch among other toys. It turns out that Emenee made kiddie organs, guitars and juke boxes back in the 70's. Indeed the flip contains a couple of 30 second promos for said items. And speculation is that this record was a freebie used to promote their line of merchandise. Makes sense, especially if given away with the juke box.

But that still doesn't answer why this tune was used in 1973. Who knows, perhaps Ohio Arts was a decade behind the times when it came to pop music, which for once winds up being a good thing. Or maybe they had this laying around from some previous ad campaign. Further speculation is that Johnny & the Hurricanes were the true purveyors of this track. Is it possible? In the long run, I guess none of that really matters. What matters is that "Rockelation Beat" is a winner, oddball release or not.


ssik1974 said...
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ssik1974 said...

Was there an mp3 of this record posted at one time?

Jody Smith said...

This album came with a Jamboree jukebox. It was manufactured by Emenee. I received one for Christmas when I was a child and about 1973. The jukebox was really cold! Google the Jamboree jukebox and you'll see an image of it.