Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Fender IV: Mar Gaya/You Better Tell Me Now (Imperial 66061)

The Fender IV

YESSSSSSSS!!!!Now, THIS is my idea of a great 45! In fact, I'd be bold enough to call "Mar Gaya" one of the greatest rock 'n' roll instrumentals of all time. The vocal B-side, "You Better Tell Me Now" isn't too bad either, as it's played at the same fast speed, but it's "Mar Gaya" that really leaves you breathless! It's just an absolute stunner! Now before we go any further, a little history: This 1964 monster was one of two 45s this group recorded for Imperial and both are sought after for a very good reason. The Fender IV reportedly had a reputation for being loud, fast and clean and you can definitely tell that from "Mar Gaya" (Swahili for "crocodile," according to guitarist Randy Holden in a). Begining with a pounding drum rhythm that goes THOMP-THOMP THOMP-THOMP-THOMP the entire song, the bass and rhythm guitar kick in and then future guitar god Holden fires up that machine-gun staccato surf guitar riff and rips it up for the entire song. But what I like best about this song is that it doesn't stay in the same key. It goes from one key to the next to the next then back again and forward again....well, it's difficult to really explain. But the effect is mesmerising and it makes "Mar Gaya" the kind of record you want to play over and over again. That it wasn't a hit can only be faulted to a world that allows Nino Tempo and April Stevens "Deep Purple" to be Number 1. Such lameness continues in bucketloads today, but all you have to do is blast this and you'll instantly be cooler than any of your friends, whether they get it or not.

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