Friday, July 29, 2005

The Goldberg-Miller Blues Band: The Mother Song/More Soul, Than Soulful (Epic 5-9865)

Long before he graced the FM radio waves with such overplayed "classic rock" standards as "The Joker," "Jet Airliner," "Fly Like An Eagle," "Jungle Love," "Abracadabra," "Rockin' Me," and all the rest, Steve Miller was the Miller of this band. He's noticably absent on "More Soul, Than Soulful," which is a waltz-timed, blues-flavored organ instrumental a la Booker T. But his guitar work is all over "The Mother Song," a raucous smoker of a tune in which the singer intones a bunch of reasons why "The only woman in this world you can trust is your mother." As organ wails away, and drums and bass pound, Miller's in there thrashin' on that guitar and kicking the other instruments around for breathing space. A clip of them doing "The Mother Song" on "Hullabaloo" does exist, but as far as recordings go, this appears to be their only single. (I could be wrong, though.) Shortly after this went nowhere chartwise, Miller would form The Steve Miller Band who would be a fixture on the San Francisco psychedelic scene for the rest of the 60s and early 70s. Then, they recorded "The Joker" and the rest is history.

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Ratfinkie said...

They also recorded "Hey Little School Girl".