Friday, July 22, 2005

Johnnie Walker: You're All Mine/Rain from the Skies (Tollie 9017)

It's hidden gem time again! This little obscurity is notable for the involvement of Burt Bacharach, who is credited as arranger on both sides. Suffice it to say that "Rain from the Skies," a Bacharach-Hal David composition, was the intended A-side and is very typical of the Bacharach-David style of pop. (Maybe Dionne Warwick recorded this later, I don't know.) But wait until you hear the B-side. Can you say "Beatles rip-off?"
Well, that's what they tried to do here, right down to the guitar sound. But you know what? They came up with a damned good song here! It's one of those songs that's so catchy in spite of its trappings that you want to play over and over again. It's so obviously Beatles-fueled that it's actually got a charm all its own. And, warts and all, it's irresistable! What can I say? Sometimes the funniest things have a way of hitting you. Hence it is with "You're All Mine," an all-time fave, Beatle rips and all.

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Anonymous said...

I just played the record. A truly great one. And not just a Beatles rip, a Hank williams ref in the first line:

"I saw you on the street, and my heart fell at your feet"

inspired by Hank William's "I Can't Help It If I'm Still in Love with You" which starts "Today I passed you on the street, and my heart fell at your feet".

-M. G. Still