Monday, July 18, 2005

The Monterays: Bo-Did-It/Avant de Beaucoup (T-Hee TH 700)

From the bowels of Oklahoma City comes this wild guitar combo with two cookin' sides! "Avant de Beaucoup" is a moody, surf-guitar-oriented tune with 3/4 timing and twangy guitar rhythms. It's also the better-recorded side of the two. The A-side, "Bo-Did-It," has "Recorded Live" stamped on it and you don't have to guess how far in its infancy live recording technology was in 1964 to appreciate how crudely recorded it is. The drums, wild as they are, are buried in the mire. Thankfully, the thundering guitar cannot be stopped. And neither can the screams of all the swingin' teens in the crowd! The song itself? How better to describe it than Bo Diddley meets Link Wray? This is a cut that just cries out to be played as loud as possible to a) get the full effect and b) scare away all your uncool neighbors. Records like this KILL SQUARES DEAD ON CONTACT! Believe it.

Oh, and one final note: I managed to run across a station playlist from an Oklahoma City station from June of 1964 (KOMA to be exact) in which "Bo-Did-It" debuted at #39. Too bad this didn't take with the rest of the country, but maybe this was just too cool to go nationwide. Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late reply, but Im amazed someone else has this 45. I found my copy at a Ponca City Ok thrift store in the late 80's. The announcer Terry McGraw also worked for WKY (KOMA's rival) in the 60's.