Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Pigeons - Stick In My Corner, Baby

Is this a fairly common record or do people not know about it? I got this beautiful copy on eBay for just three bucks and was the only bidder. But whew, what a record!

Maybe the best place to start in describing this record is to refer everyone to Brian's recent write up of The Vipps' "That's My Woman". Like that one, "Stick In My Corner, Baby" combines garage and soul with lots of organ and some fuzzed out guitar. It even has the fairly standard r&b remake on the flipside, in this case Wilson Pickett's "(In The) Midnight Hour", which ain't bad but I have garage versions in my collection by both The Wanted and Michael & the Messengers that are lots better.

What really makes "Stick In My Corner, Baby" shine though is a small dose of early psychedelia. I've seen this record listed as being from either 1965 or '66, with the latter seeming more likely. It's pretty progressive sounding even then.

The psych reference makes lots of sense once you learn that The Pigeons went on to become Vanilla Fudge. But this isn't the slow dirge that they'd become famous for. It's an uptempo number with urgent, almost pleading vocals. It even has a "doo doo doo doo" background chorus just before the wild guitar break. All this goodness packed into only 2:35. It earns my highest recommendation.

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