Friday, July 22, 2005

The Vipps: That's My Woman/Mercy, Mercy (Phillips 40387)

Here we have what might be called soul/garage, but not in the wimpy blue-eyed mold you might expect. At least on "That's My Woman," which is characterized by soulful harmonies, but given added punch by lots of wicked fuzz guitar and soaring organ. It's that fuzz that helps give "That's My Woman" its added punch and makes it a gem worth digging for. Too bad they couldn't have done it for the Don Covay cover that graces the B-side. The fuzz is turned off and it's more straightforward. It's one of those covers that's neither good or bad, just kind of there. Seek this out for "That's My Woman" and you'll definitely be in better shape.

NEWS FLASH! A friend of mine recently told me that this was a British group and that Keith Emerson was one of its members! YIKES!

Did these folks record anything else?


Todd Lucas said...

Did some poking around on the net this evening. It looks like Keith Emerson was indeed a member of the Vipps, though he joined late and I'm not sure if he was on this record. The rest of the band members were the future Spooky Tooth, sans Gary Wright.

Anonymous said...

oddly when in europe this group went by the V.I.P.S. They also where in a group called ART before The V.I.P.S. Art was known for its hit "Love is real".

Greyson Singleton