Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Whyte Boots: Nightmare/Let No One Come Between Us (Phillips 40422)

One of the reasons there's so many comps out there is that so many singles only have one good side, if that. You find something that's comped and you finally have the original, only you find that the B-side of that song you thought was so boss is a major el turdo. It's kinda that way with this item, as "Let No One Come Between Us" is pretty substandard girlie pop. It's "Nightmare," comped on one of the "Girls in the Garage" collections, that makes you take notice. A riff on the kind of lurid teenage melodramas the Shangri-La's were doing with great success (you know, "Leader of the Pack," "I Can Never Go Home Anymore," those), this 1967 item tells this story of a jealous girl who takes deadly revenge on the one who took her boyfriend and then lives to regret it. "You can beat her! You can win!" her "friends" chide her on. "Get her! Get her! Push her to the ground!" The fight goes on with appropriate vocal effects, but then something's wrong. The rival girl is dead! And the record ends with our poor narrator begging and pleading with the cops not to haul her off. "She didn't wanna fight," the chorus pleads to no avail as the song fades out. And all you can say is "Wow!" This is a bit farther than The Shangri-La's would've gone.

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