Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cliff Jackson & Jellean Deli with The Naturals: Frank, This Is It/Blues Walk (Midnight Sun #1)

We take you now to the dark side of life. What we have here is a spoken-word piece drenched in the blues. It's about a woman who's had enough of her no-good husband and decides to leave. Now, what's unusal about this piece is that the woman does all the talking about why she's leaving, while the man does nothing but cry and wail. He pleads a little bit, but she's having none of it. "Well, Frank, this is it. I'm leaving. So now you're crying. Well, tell me. How does it feel? You quit your job. (And I'm tired of your) Promises. Promise after promise." While this soap opera is going on, a lowdown blues band plays in the background. "Go on and cry. Cry." With less than a minute left in the song, the woman's gone, the man is left alone in his weeping and wailing and the blues band just plays on...and on....and on. This unusual item from 1969 comes from an offshoot label of the Shelby Singleton Corporation from Nashville, Tennessee, the same folks who also gave you the Plantation and SSS International labels. It's also comped on the "All Tore Up" CD comp, in which it's well at home with all those other weepers. "Blues Walk" is basically the instrumental track with a few extra guitar solos and those solos are indeed quite tasty. It's probably best not to play this record after you've had too many beers, as it may bring you even further down.
But such is life.

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