Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dean Carter: Jailhouse Rock/Rebel Woman (Milky Way MW-011)

Can we get another "EEEEEYOWWWWWWW!!" here? Here's yet another five-star, 2-sided monster! This one comes from a wildman from Danville, Illinois who also recorded such killer sides as "Mary Sue" and "Run, Rabbit, Run." (As a matter of fact, 28 of Mr. Carter's sides can be yours if you can locate the Big Beat CD "Call of the Wild." Norton or Crypt should be able to point you in the right direction.)

At any rate, you may already be familiar with "Rebel Woman" from its exposure on the "Pebbles" series. If not, strap yourselves in and be prepared to be assaulted with an attack of loud fuzz guitar and Carter's tough, snarling vocals as he sings the praises of the title femme.

But you better get yourselves into the nearest straitjacket when you endure what is perhaps the most insane version of the Elvis Presly classic ever recorded. Machine-gun drumming, morse-code sounding keyboards and fuzzy, twangy guitar only begin to paint this picture. Carter's vocals here sound as if he'd just escaped the nuthouse and is bent on destroying everything and everyone in his path like an out-of-control tornado. Top it off with a completely off-the-wall guitar solo and if your head ain't bent by the time this thing is over, you must really be as dead as the fluroescent lights over your office cubicle.

I mean, both sides of this thing are way up there in the monster category, but that "Jailhouse Rock" cover is so over-the-top it's out of this stratosphere! It's beyond wild! It's beyond crazy! It's beyond unbelievable! And I wouldn't have it any other way!

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heino said...

this cover of jailhouse rock really is impressive! i love it.