Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Doc Rand and His Purple Blues: I Want You (Yeh I Do)/I Need A Woman (Lance No. 106)

This here item comes from a New Mexico label known amongst garage collectors (I believe The Lincoln Street Exit and the Fe Fi Four Plus Two were both on this label), but this is a bit different than what you might expect. In fact you might call it blue-eyed soul with a hard funk edge. I call it pretty damn good. I'll review both sides together because they both have pretty much similar qualities.

One thing's for certain: the band really cooks on both sides of this thing. Funky guitar, rumbling bass, a drummer that can keep the beat AND slam the heck out of his drums and cookin' horns are the recipe here. And they can work it out with the best of them.

What shoots this into blue-eyed soul territory is the singer. He does his very best James Brown imitation, even going for the "OWW's" on "I Want You (Yeh I Do)." But he ends up sounding like some kid doing his James Brown imitation for his school's talent show. (You can even imagine him doing the boogaloo to the delight of the cheerleading squad!)

Surprisingly enough, it does work here. The band's got a way of sweeping the vocalist right along with them. Both songs here are really good workouts that have a bit of charm to them. And that's about all I can really say.

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