Friday, August 05, 2005

Jay Brown and the Jets - Hanky-Panky/Rockin' The Guitar

Here we have a pair of rockin' instros, circa 1960. As far as I can tell, this was the only record release by Jay Brown and the Jets. The Peach label had several releases and moved around a bit. At various times, records listed Jefferson, Douglasville and Cleveland, GA as home. It operated from around 1957 to 1962. Visit the excellent RCS website for more details.

Now on to the record, itself. "Hanky-Panky" is a fast moving instro that starts with a blast of rock and roll guitar, punctuated with a few shotgun-like pops from the drummer. Another guitar, better suited for the bottom-line takes over and proceeds to run the show. Then, other instruments take turns joining in. There's a piano, sax and that same guitar we heard at the beginning gets a chance to shine. Finally, things wind down in just 2:21. This baby's action packed!

"Rockin' The Guitar" meanwhile, tries to hold up its end (or, in this case, side) with more guitar o' plenty and a bit more piano pumping in the background. In fact, the piano once again gets its own lead break and we're treated to several rejoinders by that blasting guitar from side one.

I suppose if you're gonna pin me down, I'd choose "Hanky-Panky" as the better side but not by a whole lot. This one is a true twin killer.

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