Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jimmy Merchant: Skin The Cat (Bo-Mar 5002)

Could somebody please answer a question for me? Is this the same Jimmy Merchant that was a member of Frankie Lymon's Teenagers? Constant searches on Google and Yahoo turned up nil and all I could really find out is that this was comped on "Shakin' Fit." So, if anyone's reading this blog now and knows the answer, please tell me. I'd sure appreciate it, and all this searching is giving me a headache.

I can tell you for sure that "Skin The Cat" is a groovy little number. But cat lovers and PETA supporters, beware! You may not appreciate the implied "animal abuse" that goes on here. At 1 a.m., a certain alley cat is rattling garbage cans and disturbing our singer. At 3 a.m., he's screeching on a backyard fence. At 5 a.m., he's scratching the singer's hound! His response is always the same:

I pulled on my pants and grabbed my bat,
I'm goin' outside to catch that cat,
I'm gonna skin the cat.
Skin the cat.
Skin the cat.
Hit 'im with a bat!

See, I told you cat lovers to watch out! Personally, I love dogs, so it doesn't matter to me.

But what ought to matter to you more is the fact that this thing is funky! It's accenuated all the way through by some really killer jerky guitar playing. That guitar jerks and twangs from beginning to end. And Mr. Merchant's a pretty good soul shouter.
In short, you can't lose on the dance floor with this one....just make sure there aren't any PETA members around.

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Anonymous said...

this is not the same Jimmy Merchant as in the Teenager's. We just saw him Saturday night & he told us it was the same name but not him.