Thursday, August 04, 2005

Joe Frank and the Knights: Can't Find A Way/Won't You Come On Home (Block 510)

It's "Before They Were Stars" time again! Joe Frank Carollo, the Joe Frank of this Memphis band, would go on to 70s AM pop mush fame as the Joe Frank of Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds.
(You know, "Don't pull your love out on me, baby," "Baby, baby, falling in love, I'm falling in love again".....Need I remind you? Is your head splitting yet?) Okay, I'm done with the torture. Let's mercifully turn the clock back a few years to roughly 1965 when JFC was in one of Memphis's many teen garage bands. Their single here is a great 2-sider of fast and frantic teen garage rockers, both of them comin' at 'cha at full speed. "Can't Find A Way" gets the slight edge because of the snottier vocals, but "Won't You Come On Home" is also pretty danm good, a bit faster with cool organ and guitar breaks. ("Can't" has two cool organ breaks, for the record.) So the next time you hear that "Don't Pull Your Liver," or whatever it's called, just remember that even the blandest and bleakest of pop stars sometimes have a tiny ounce of coolness in their closet. Then, get a hold of this and remind yourself of that.

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