Thursday, August 25, 2005

Martini's - Hung Over/Late Late Party

Today's record is from Memphis. It's a pair of soulful instrumentals and unlike the up-tempo fare that I usually feature, these tunes are nice, slow grooves. I'm not sure of a year of release but there's a definite 1960's Memphis soul sound present. I'd guess it dates from somewhere around 1965. The Martinis probably weren't a working band. The songwriters and, in this case, probably the players are listed on the label. I'm betting it's a bunch of session guys.

"Hung Over" is the better of the two sides. It has organ, percussion and a funky guitar. There's also a bit of sax. It conjures up images of a smoky cocktail lounge in the wee hours of the morning. It's similar to what Booker T. and the boys were doing over at Stax, only not as heavy on the bass and it's seamier. It even features the sound effect of a guy getting sick, right in the middle of it. Guess they don't call it "Hung Over" for nothing.

The flipside is called "Late Late Party". The instrumentation is similar to "Hung Over", only not as funky and less steamy. And nobody loses a meal on this side. But then, you can't have everything, can you?


Larry Grogan said...

I believe the Martinis were actually Packy Axton and other members of the Packers (along with some studio guys, maybe members of the Hi rhythm section).

hipster said...

looks like the writers ARE packy axton and 2 of the hodges brothers later of willie mitchell/al green/hi rhythm section fame

Anonymous said...

Aside from the guy getting sick (or pretending to, I've read 2 different stories about the "Hung Over" sessions) this is a really nice instrumental. This same drum pattern has been used over and over again by various different groups over the years, it's that smooth and the guitar and organ fit perfectly.

Steve, 50, DFW Texas said...

I actually bought this record as a kid in the 7th grade from a Long's Drug Store in San Diego, CA. I remember it was in a cut out bin of records without sleeves. I want to say it was .19 cents!

My friend Lloyd and I loved the cuts and just laughed over and over with the guy 'we thought' was just miserable from being hung over, not so much ever guessed he was upchucking anything. I've remembered that song through several hangovers in my early adult years, working in radio and too many late night parties.

Out of my collection I'd sure like to find this 45 again but have not seen it in years. Now that I have a clue on the face plate and BARS I'll look again. But I'd sure like to find it or at least an MP3 of both cuts on the disk. I can be contacted at

I 've just reunited that friend from probably 42 years ago and it sure would be fun to play it sometime as a reminded we really did live through those years and this cut out was actually something that has survived the test of time.

Dallas-Fort Worth Texas