Monday, August 08, 2005

Mr. C.B.S.-Charles (Bubba) Suggs and the Bon Tons - Funky Boo Ga Loo

Today's workout is a cool, midtempo, organ and horn driven, instrumental groover by Mr. C.B.S. himself, Charles (Bubba) Suggs. What, you've never heard of him? Well, join the club. And it looks like we're not alone. I found exactly one entry for Mr. Suggs and this record on the internet. More on that later.

I got this record at a local, monthly flea market last November. My main record connection was there with all sorts of unusual things. I found the Thunderbirds 45 that was my first entry on this blog that day, along with several other goodies, including this one. Red letter day for yours truly.

"Funky Boo Ga Loo" is one of those tunes that'll get your toes tapping, head bobbing or whatever you please. Not only is it a mover but it also has a really good hook. And for you organ groove fans, it has a nice extended break. It's one tidy package.

Now, the good news. That one reference to this record I found on the net turns out to be a really useful one. It's a playlist from the WFMU radio show Downtown Soulville. Not only is the record listed but the archived show is available in streaming audio, so you can check out this baby, along with the rest of the program. The dj talks over "Funky Boo Ga Loo" and it gets cut a bit short but you'll at least get the gist of things.

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Mr. C.B.S. said...

Go to and check it out. Mr. C.B.S is Charles Suggs, In The Garden CD on Saxophone.It's
always good to let young people know to never give up.