Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Applejacks: (Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom) Everybody Fall Down/Like Dreamers Do (U.K. Decca F. 11916)

Here's one for the beat fans. The Applejacks were one of many groups who formed in the wake of the success of The Beatles and, while they didn't have much success in this country, they were all over the place in Britain, appearing on "Ready Steady Go" and other programs and having a top 10 hit with their first 45 "Tell Me When." They appeared in a 1964 film doing that song called "Just For You" (shown here in re-edited form as "Disk-O-Tek Holiday") They're also notable for being one of the few bands of that period to have a female bass player, Megan Davies.

This is the follow-up to "Tell Me When" and, wouldn't you know it, "Like Dreamers Do" is written by Lennon and McCartney themselves. I didn't find anything too outstanding about it myself. It's pretty typcial period pop.

It's the B-side that I want to focus on, as "(Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom) Everybody Fall Down" is a raucous, rowdy bit of beat rock.
It kicks off with an intensely fast beat followed by swank guitar and rough vocals singing something about a girl everybody wants but needs to stay away from. The chorus go something like this:

Boom, boom, boom, boom
Everybody fall down
to the ground
when she comes

Sounds like advice worth heeding. But this track is a winner anyway thanks to the band's enthusiastic performance and, ah well, just the sheer fun of the whole song. That's all that matters in the end.

The Applejacks recorded a handful of singles before fading off into the sunset. Let us now pause to hail this shining little nugget in their career.

For those who care, this was released stateswide on London (LON 9658), one of three issued here. Four, if you count one ("You're The One For Me") issued with two different B-sides.

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