Sunday, September 11, 2005

Count Drac: The Trance/Bo Diddley (Arzee RZ-501)

Well, now, this would sure qualify to be one of the wildest, most insane records in my whole collection if it weren't for the fact that the vocals are almost total Squaresville. Thankfully, they don't at all detract because the band is so loud and trashy that it's still a work of genius.

We begin with "The Trance," which starts off with an explosion of drumming that sounds like trash cans all slamming together. In essence, an instant classic is announced. Then, crude guitar kicks open the door and lets the pounding bass in, followed at last by a burst of farfisa organ. Then, Count Drac gives us this deathless lyric:

Come on everybody and do the trance,
Come on everybody and do this dance,
Come on everybody, it'll put you in a trance,
Come on everybody, it's a crazy dance,
Shake it up,
Shake it down,
Shake it 'round.

And on and on it goes. While Mr. Drac mumbles this over and over, the band just rolls right over him and trashes every eardrum in sight with their racket. So, even if they never tell you how to actually do the dance, you'll still have a great time anyway as long as you keep the volume up and the booze rolling.

Sure enough, the cover of "Bo Diddley" that dons Side 2 is as wild as the other side and even Mr. Drac lets loose with a few off-key vocals as if he doesn't care anymore and just wants to get the thing over with. The band gets in there and does some more trashing, this time with even louder farfisa and even crunchier guitar. As with "The Trance," you know what to do.

"Count Drac" has his real name (Bobby Saver) in parenthesis on the label. Finding info on this guy is next to impossible, as can be expected. Hopefully, finding this record won't be. But it will be worth it, if you're into total crazed ineptitude. Trust me on that.

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greg said...

any chance you could put up a new link for this or advise if these tracks have been reissued anywhere?