Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dumpy "Piano" Rice - Movin'

You'd think a guy called Dumpy wouldn't need yet another nickname as plain as Piano but here it is. At least it fits as a descriptive (Piano that is, not sure about the Dumpy part), as Rice tickles the ivories on a nice, upbeat, roadhouse styled version of "Your Cheatin' Heart" on the flipside of today's selection.

"Movin'" is another story altogether. Here, Dumpy plays a mean, funky blues-based guitar on this mid-tempo mover. His musical backup includes drums, bass and piano. Not sure if he played the keys himself on this one or turned those duties over to someone else. His guitar playing isn't in question though.

"Movin'" is a really fine piece of work. It's one of those records that's hard to classify. It's instrumental of course but could be called rock & roll, r&b, or maybe even blues, not sure. I guess all that matters is that it's a good record that's worth tracking down.

Info on this record is pretty slim. I don't know any of the other players or what year the it was released. One thing I can tell you is that Dumpy Rice has been a regular player with Lonnie Mack over the years. Juke seems to be an Indianapolis area label but I don't have anything to confirm that. Any additional information is appreciated.


keaneyes said...

Juke was one of (saxophonist)Tommy Wills'Indianapolis label.
He also had the Gregory and Airtown labels.
They were aligned with the Seeburg jukebox compnay, and mainly issued releases for jukebox use.
Dumpy recorded two singles for Juke and two for Airtown (all in '65/'66).

Todd Lucas said...

Thank you for all of the inofrmation. I figured the Juke and Airtown labels had to be related becuase they look so much alike. Didn't know about the Seeburg connection though.