Saturday, September 03, 2005

Satan and Deciples - Mummie's Curse/Cat's Meow

Here's a record on the Goldband label out of Lake Charles, LA. The label has a lot of classic recordings but finding info on this particular record has proven difficult. Freddy Fender is listed as co-writer on both sides and I believe he may have been a member. Satan and Deciples also had an album on Goldband. I've seen both it and this record listed as 1969 releases, so I'll go with that for now.

In the scheme of things, this record probably isn't among the best on the label. It could be one of the most unusual though. "Mummie's Curse" is particularly odd. It has a Middle-Eastern sound, with the background singers going "aye la lay la lay lay lay". The lead vocals are spoken and are fairly good for a laugh,

"In a far and ancient land
Camels trudge the burning sand
Pyramids climb to the sky
Where pharaohs refuse to die"

Later there's the line "Mummies are like that, yes they are" and the singer says it's his curse to sing this song. That part is believable. The label reads "Vocal by Satan". If that's true, he's been cursed far more than having to sing a goofy song.

The flipside, "Cat's Meow" is pretty good though. It's an instrumental that has a big beat and some good guitar picking. There are distant screams that are supposed to sound like cats, I guess. The song might be from 1969 but sounds more like the early 60's to me.

Overall, I'd rate this record mostly an odd curiosity, though "Cat's Meow" ain't bad. It's worth a buck or two.

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