Monday, October 03, 2005

The Cavalry Twill: All You Need Is Love (MGM K13849)/Roger Freeman: All Shook Up R 45-1512)

It's time for a couple of covers. These covers, while being wildly different, have a couple of things in common. First, they're covers of two of the biggies (Elvis and the Beatles). Second, and most important, they come soaked in fuzz guitar.

The more unusual of the two is The Cavalry Twill and their take on The Beatles' 1967 flower-love "classic." I'm not 100% sure about this, but this sure feels like a studio band project to me.
At any rate, the best way to describe this is to imagine Davie Allan being backed by the Vanilla Fudge. Oh sure, you do get a piano break for the chorus and a male vocal group going "Love, la-la-la-la-love" to try to sweeten the thing, but two things can't be escaped: 1) the heaviness of the sound and 2) that loud, sneering fuzz guitar playing in the foreground.

Next up, we have a wild soul screamer of an Elvis cover with the Roger Freeman record. Now, we can imagine Wilson Pickett or James Brown (or pick your favorite) being backed by a teenage garage group. Here, the fuzz guitar is more in the background, but it sneers and snarls all the way throughout and is as prominent a key element in the mix as Freeman's own crazed vocals.

Info on both acts would be appreciated, as Google searches proved fruitless. I just thought I'd put these two together to give you a double fuzz dose this morning.


paulino said...

Would this be the same Roger Freeman who was lead singer (alongside Dave Brigati) for Joey Dee and the Starlighters?

The Business said...

Happy fathers day to my grandfather of joey d and the starlighters , MR. ROGER FREEMAN.........LOVE U ......YOUR GRANDSON , ROGER MAULTSBY JR.

The Business said...


The Business said...

Miss u Grandpa.......(ROGER FREEMAN) u, if joey D receives these messages, please contact me my name is ROGER as well.......914-290-1824.....thank u