Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lost and Found: When Will You Come Through/Professor Black (International Artists IA-125)

From the label that brought you the 13th Floor Elevators, Red Crayola and Bubble Puppy comes this two-sided psych garage cruncher! As far as I'm aware, this Texas group recorded two singles. I wasn't too impressed with the other single, but this one is a complete two-headed monster loaded with crushing guitar crunch power!

The lyrics are delivered on both songs in a sort of swirled shriek, starting at a low pitch and suddenly shifting to the top before going back down again. But the loud guitars nearly overwhelm the poor singer. Here's a few lyrics I was able to make out:

From "Professor Black":

Hey you are Professor Black,
What you got in your little black sack?
Is it fiction or is it fact?
Or is it just a little black sack?

From "When Will You Come Through"

When will you come through?
When will you come through?
You have reached it all.
You can't help but fall.
When will you come through?

We're definitely talking psyched-out lyrics here. But more importantly, we're talking loud guitars. I mean loud, stinging, crushing guitars! We get crazed acid-fueled fills backed up with rhythm guitars that stomp you with the fury of Godzilla being jarred from his afternoon nap and a drummer that bashes the hell out of his kit. One has to wonder if he had to use a different drum set for each song the way he gives his drums a brutal bashing on both cuts.

Can we say "All-time fave here?" I believe we can. If ever a record was meant to be played as loud as possible, this one is a ripe candidate for such honors.

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