Thursday, December 01, 2005

G.L. Crockett - Look Out Mabel

Here's one of my favorite finds of the year, "Look Out Mabel" by G.L. Crockett. Crockett is probably best known for his original version of "It's A Man Down There" from 1965, a song later recorded by Junior Wells, The Sir Douglas Quintet and others. He made that record and two others for the 4 Brothers label, before dying in 1967 of a brain hemorrhage while still in his 30's.

While Crockett's 60's output is probably best described as r&b, "Look Out Mabel" is GEN-U-INE rockabilly. The song was originally released on the Chief label in 1958 under the name G. "Davy" Crockett. My record, on Checker, is from 1965 and is a different take from the same session that produced the Chief issue. Perhaps Checker decided to release it after Crockett's success with "It's A Man Down There", I'm not really sure. It's lucky for us record collectors though, as the Checker issue is much easier to find than the one on Chief.

"Look Out Mabel" features plenty of rockin' piano and some killer guitar, including a great break. Crockett's vocals are excellent as he laments one night without Mabel seeming like 99 years. He also tells us about the .45 he's toting on his side. Guess he'll do anything to get the girl. Anyway, the song is a great example of rockabilly from a black artist, something that doesn't seem too common. Get it, if you see it.


Brian Marshall said...


Actually, Crockett recorded 3 singles for 4 Brothers. And did you know that "Look Out Mabel" was issued one more time on the USA label? I guess according to Wang Dang Dula, the Chief and Checker recordings are two different takes.

Jayster said...

I've got Look Out Mabel on a re-issued 45 - (I think it's Charly). any ideas if that was the Chief or the Checker cut?
Great track!

keaneyes said...

The Chief version appears on the old Euro boot, "Chicken Rock Vol. 4" (an essential series of oddities, if you can find them).