Friday, January 13, 2006

Animal Jack: Gotta Hear The Beat (Part 1) (Prism)

What can you really say about this one? It seems to come from nowhere. I have no way of knowing if this Prism Records is the same prolific Prism Records out of Dayton, Ohio, but even if it were, it would still sound like something from another planet.

Here's the gist: The sparse accompaniment consists of an almost drum-machine like drum beat, an electric piano, a pounding bass line....and some guy growling "Gotta hear the beat" over and over and in various combinations. ("I gotta hear the beat. I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta" and so on.) The guy goes completely mad to the point of screaming at the top of his lungs.

But it's not over yet. We hear a siren. It must be the fuzz.

Cop: Do you have an Animal Jack here?
Scared studio employee: Yeah, he's in Studio B, he's tearing it apart! Get him out of here!

By this time, Mr. Jack is screaming so maniacally you can imagine him foaming at the mouth. We hear the cops going "Animal Jack, you better come with us. You can have all the beat you want where we're going to take you." They even resort to chains to try to subdue him. We don't know how successful the cops are because the song abruptly cuts off.

Call it what you will, piece of insanity or work of genius. Of course I'll go for the latter. But if you think that's crazy, wait 'til you hear Part 2. Or better yet, don't. All it is is one of those times where the engineer simply reverses the tape and you get to hear the whole thing backwards. Funny thing is, he sounds even more raving and drooling mad. Maybe it isn't so backwards after all.


Anonymous said...

Gotta be the same Buckner & Garcia that did "Pacman Fever" in the '80s!

Anonymous said...

this single is truly Mindblowing for it"s time.i bet the Cramps loved it !!