Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Bachs Lunch: You Go On (Tomorrow)

Scott Soriano has gone into detail about this 45 on his very fine Crud Crud blog, but at the risk of redundancy, I, too, am going to rave about it. I recently bought a lot of 60s 45s from Bill Nadolny in Conneticut (a garage rock collector legend, btw) and found this little piece among the rubble. The plug side is a version of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," which is notable because this record is produced by Carole King herself (on her own label, according to Crud Crud).

But it's "You Go On" that holds your attention most. Starting off with a harpsichord, then going into full-blown guitar, piano and drums motif, the record features dreamy chick vocals, haunting harmonies and a waltz tempo. What I really like most about this record is its rather dark feel. It feels as if it were sung and performed by ghosts. Uh-oh, here's that word again rearing its ugly head: "haunting."

I mean, how else better to describe it? This is probably one of the more unusual records to be featured on this blog, as it's not the normal wild, crazy dance record, or whatever. But sometimes a good pop record can really glue you to it, as this one does. Should you find it, you'll be treating yourself to a terrific B-side. In the meantime, I recommend you read Crud Crud's entry on it for more detailed info. Me, I'm too busy playing my copy over and over and over. It really is that seductive.

This is the one that should've been the plug side. Ah well, consider it another great song buried as a B. But track it down, it's worth it if you're into girl groups and just a great pop song. I'm rambling now, so I'll stop.


Anonymous said...

What is the point of blabbin' bout records if you can't hear them. How about some sound bites!
Otherwise a very cool blog.


Todd Lucas said...

First, thanks for reading and taking time to comment on the blog. We appreciate the kind words and the question.

We get asked about sound bites often and honestly are in no position to post them at this time. In fact, it may never happen.

Remember, the net and mp3 technology are relatively new to the game. People have been blabbing about records for years without the benefit of sound, via magazines or what have you. This blog is really little different than that.

Scott Soriano said...

I'll back you up on you not doing MP3s. Forget the "relatively new" technology, I am glad that people like you are actually taking the time to write about records. Too many of these damn MP3 blogs are little more than "here is the song" and maybe a few scrapings they found through google. Here's to you guys and your words! One more thing, fuck these assholes who think that they are entitled to hear what you dig up. If they want to hear the fucking record, let them go out and dig through fucking boxes of crap to find the damn things.

Todd Lucas said...

Thanks for backing us up, Scott. I know that you post soundfiles at your blog, so it's especially cool of you to defend our lack of mp3's.

Digging through boxes of crap is right. In fact, I did more of that, just today. May have found a couple of goodies too. Not sure until I get a chance to listen, probably tomorrow.