Monday, March 20, 2006

More Favorites

Here are still more goodies from the St. Louis record fair.

The Unrelated Segments - "Where You Gonna Go?" (Liberty) How's this for a cool find? And it cost under $2. Fans of 60's garage rock need no introduction to these Michigan boys. Not sure how tough this one is to dig up but I was surprised when I pulled it from an unsleeved pile of 45's. From 1967, "Where You Gonna Go?" has a nice, big guitar sound, snotty vocals and a great beat. It's one of those records that is so cool, you find it hard to believe that it came so cheaply. I must just be lucky. Now if only I can locate the rest of their output at a similar price.

Travis Wammack - "It's Karate Time"/"Night Train" (Atlantic) Here's the one record that I laid out $5 for at the show. I'd never heard it but knew it had to be a great one. Both sides here are instrumental, with some screams thrown in for effect on "It's Karate Time". Otherwise, that tune is taken at mid-tempo, with heavy drums and, of course, Travis Wammack's distinctive guitar sound. It turns out that I'm diggin' his version of "Night Train" on the flipside even better. It starts with a drum beat that builds in momentum, a la a train pulling out of the station. Then, Wammack's whacked out guitar takes lead on the most blistering version of the classic tune I've ever heard. Good thing it's short or derailment would have been a strong possibility.

Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers - "Go Little Willie"/"Emulsified" (Okeh) Ah, finally a Rex Garvin record graces my collection. Don't let the crummy scan fool ya, the record plays and sounds great. The info I have at hand indicates this was first released on Epic in 1961 and appeared two years later on Okeh. "Go Little Willie" has a big beat, wailing sax and some cool organ sounds. The vocal is strong and the words dance oriented, definitely a great, upbeat r&b tune. It also sounds like it owes a bit to calypso or something. "Emulsified" is taken a bit slower and has a tougher sound but is no less designed for shakin' your body. The organ and sax are back and the lead vocal is outstanding. This side borrows more heavily from the gospel side of things. All in all, a terrific two-sider.

Little Beaver - "Funkadelic Sound" (Cat) This was a surprise. I've seen Little Beaver singles on several occasions but never this one. He's probably best known for "Party Down", a huge r&b hit in 1974 and a record I never seem to find in anything less than hammered condition. "Funkadelic Sound" is from the year before and actually a b-side. It's very funky, indeed owing a big debt of gratitude to James Brown. It has an extended instrumental section in the middle, with a whole lot of guitar. And the vocal is outstanding, with lots of screams right out of the J.B. school. A great and unexpected find.

That's about it for this time. I'll be back with more in a few days.


Larry Grogan said...

That Unrelated Segments is a killer! I always thought it sounded like they'd been listening to the 13th Floor Elevators on that one. And for $2...jeez...

Todd Lucas said...

Yup, no need to visit the more expensive boxes at the show, when bargains like that are available for the taking.