Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Still More Recent Finds

Maybe I should just rename this blog, The Week In Review because here we go again. This time, I have 45's found in the attic of a local antique mall or at the most recent flea market. These all cost two bucks or less.

Group, Inc. - "Just Call Me Up"/"Like A Woman" (Freeport) Brian wrote this one up a few months back. Check out his description here. His copy is the original Staff release. Mine is on the Freeport label, probably best known for The Five Emprees' "Little Miss Sad". Anyway, Group, Inc. gives us two sides of crude, teen garage from 1966. "Just Call Me Up" is the more upbeat and bouncy side, complete with guitar break. "Like A Woman" is a bit slower, with snotty vocals and a guitar break about every 30 seconds. The song is just shy of two minutes long. You do the math. A terrific artifact.

Louis Hobbs - "Good Good Lovin'" (Jade) Ah, the most useful RCS website comes through again. It tells us that Louis Hobbs is from Cape Girardeau, MO and this record was released in 1965. Jade was a Memphis label but, outside of Mr. Hobbs, I have no other information on their roster. Here, Hobbs provides an r&b tinged, upbeat rocker, with a little bit of funky guitar going on in the background. There's also an organ and some good drum fills. Hobbs' voice has some soul and "Good Good Lovin'" has a fine dance beat. The only problem is it's over too quickly. Just when you're sure there's going to be an instrumental break, the song fades out. Oh well, it's still a nice find, especially for the dough.

Sonya - "Little Red Rooster" (Dot) Untangling the story on this record has proven difficult. Searching the net under the name "Sonya" has produced next to nil. I don't think this "Little Red Rooster" is related in any way to the Willie Dixon blues classic. This looks like the same tune that the Griffin Brothers recorded in 1950, with Margie Day on lead vocals. Anyway, they're listed as the songwriters on the label. Today's record appears to be from the early 1960's and features Sonya singing lead on a nice, up-tempo rocker. She's backed with female voices, piano, horns and there's a sax break. This compares favorably with other woman lead rockers of the day. I just wish that I could find more info.

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