Friday, May 26, 2006

Doug Clark & The Nuts - "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box"

Rockin' and's that for a Friday heading into a holiday weekend?

Doug Clark got started in music in the mid 1950's and by the early 60's he and The Hot Nuts were playing college campuses and releasing albums on their own Gross label. I used to own several of them, picked up cheaply at a record show. Somehow they all got sold off in the big move of 2003, not one of my better decisions. The records were solid r&b and always risque by the standards of the day. The Hot Nuts never met a double-entendre they didn't like.

"Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" was included on one of the albums (check out a nice write-up on all of their records here) and re-recorded for this 1966 single on Jubilee. It's one of two 45's they released on the imprint.

The song is indeed a double-entendre about a guy wanting to play a woman's piano but it's about as thinly disguised as you're bound to hear. It starts with two guys chatting about a party that one of them attended the previous night. One then breaks into song, "Went to a party last night/the party was getting down/then I saw a piano in the corner". I'm not even sure about the word "piano" here, as it's pretty slurred. He goes on, "And this is what I said/baby let me bang your box" and the band comes in with a couple of boom booms for emphasis. He repeats the phrase several times with the same accompaniment and then the full band joins in, including organ and drums. There are a couple of actual verses but things always get quickly back to the title line. There's also a nice guitar break. It's performed at breakneck speed, pretty cool for cuttin' the rug. Side two is essentially more of the same, with both a short organ break and a sax break tossed in for some added enjoyment.

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