Monday, June 12, 2006

The Mac Truque: "Mickey's Monkey" (Capitol)

Nearly every time I do a Google search for an obscure 45, I almost always see the same record on some one's playlist or their set-sale list or something. With this one, I noticed a lot of listings under the name "Gary Mac and the Mac Truque." and I see an album called "Truqued Up" going for 30 or 40 bucks. Two questions remain unanswered: Is Gary Mac and the Mac Truque the same band as this 45, and just who the heck were The Mac Truque anyway?

Whatever the case, this 45 came as a big surprise to me. One of my friends found it for me at a rummage sale admist a pile of a few other 45s. This one struck me differently as it's an obvious cover of the Miracles' big hit, but it's a little rawer and more funked-up than the "official" version. In fact, this version is characterized by a heavy bass line, a lot of chunky funk guitar, a smattering of horns and a singer that does his best Smokey impersonation, but a tad wilder.

Ah, the things you can find sometimes. Now if anyone knows who The Mac Truque were/are, I'd greatly appreciate some enlightenment.


Garry Mac said...

Yes, it is the same band,
from Kansas City, MO.
If you would like more info,
contact me.
Garry Mac

Allen Blasco said...

Along with Tommy & The Derby's, Garry Mac & The Mac Truque was the best soul band in KC music history. Trust me. I was there.

Allen Blasco said...

Plus, KC's Jumpin' Jacks deserve an honorable mention….