Thursday, June 29, 2006

The New Arrivals: "Let's Get With It"/"Just Outside Of My Window" (Macys 7-Up)

Well, here I go, making my attempt to start the second year of this blog out right. I, likewise, thank Todd for letting me have some space to yap about some cool 45s. Rest assured that, like it or not, there will be more. Which brings me to thhis odd little item, which was reportedly was a promotional giveaway from some department store in some city. Other than that, the only thing I know is that it was comped on one of those series comps. ("Highs in the Mid Sixties, maybe?) I also know that it goes for around $50 these days (which is what I paid for mine, fool that I am).

Anyway, "Let's Get With It" is the garage punker side with lots of swirling organ and twangy guitar. It also comes at you at about 190 m.p.h. Yes, it's a fast one. The lead singer also tries to sound like Bob Dylan but ends up sounding more like a drunk with slurred speech. And it's all over in 2:02 minutes.

The B-side is actually not too bad either, a pop psych tune reminiscent of the Byrds with it's jangly guitars and dreamy harmonies. So there you go, two flavors on one 45 should you choose to invest. I'd go for the garage punk side, but that's just me.


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He was drunk...too much Jack Daniels. I was there playing bass.