Thursday, September 13, 2007

Indy Show Finds - September Edition

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Indy Show Finds where I once again thrill you and chill you (ha-ha) with another list of my recent finds. Last Sunday, I made it over to our bi-monthly record shows with not a lot of cash in my pocket, but I still managed to find me some tasty slabs. Plus, I ran into a dealer from Chicago who hadn't been there in a while, but who I've always found some good stuff from. The list is rather small, but I think I found some pretty cool stuff. See if you agree:

Betty Wright: Let Me Be Your Lovemaker (Alston)
The Brother Jack McDuff Quintet featuring David Newman: But It's Alright (Atlantic)
Brother Jack McDuff: Down Home Stuff/Theme From Electric Surfboard (Blue Note)
Bar-Kays: Don't Stop Dancin' (To The Music)(Part 1)(Volt)
Sam Lazar Trio: Space Flight/Dig A Little Deeper (Argo)
Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band: Getting It On (Sussex)
Jomo: Uhrhu (African Twist)/Hanging Out (Checker)
Howard Tate: Look At Granny Run Run (Verve)
General Crook: What Time It Is (Parts 1 and 2)(Down To Earth)
Bill Coday: When You Find A Fool Bump His Head (Galaxy)
Leon Haywood: Cornbread and Buttermilk (Decca)
The Pips: Room In Your Heart (Vee Jay)
Young-Holt Unlimited: Who's Making Love (Brunswick)
Hamilton Bohannon: Foot Stompin' Music (Dakar)
Dave "Baby" Cortez: Cat Nip (Clock)
Dave "Baby" Cortez: Organ Shout (Chess)
Jimmy Smith: Hobo Flats (Parts 1 and 2) (Verve)
Freddy King: I Hear Jingle Bells (Federal)
The Village Soul Choir: The Cat Walk (Abbott)
Black Oak Arkansas: Taxman (Atco) (Yes, the Beatles song)
Sounds Unlimited: Little Brother (Dunwich)

And that about does it. Not too bad for under $60, me say. Hope you enjoyed the short, little ride. There's another one in November and I'll probably be at that one, too. Amazing what you can find with a little patience.


Todd Lucas said...

Hope you like that Pips tune as much as I do. Cool score on the Sounds Unlimited. I've never even seen one of their singles, let alone bought one.

vinylfool said...

Nice haul, too bad I missed this one, but I'll be getting the good 45s in November! Todd's right on that Sounds Unlimited 45. I only paid $10 or so for one, but took forever to get what some call a "common 45".

Brian Marshall said...

Well, the Sounds Unlimited 45 is more pop garage than anything else, which is usually not my speed, but still not bad for five bucks.

As for November, well, we'll just have to wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian. I think it's more 'pop' as well. Not what the early Sounds were doing. However, as a former member who doesn't have a copy of that single, I would love to buy someone's copy, be it yours or someone else who stays in touch here. There is also a red vinyl EP with 4 songs from the Cameo-Parkway 'Monkees' session. Very rare as well, but I have that. It's commercial, too (songs written for the Monkees, what else would they be), but not as bubble gum as the Girl/Brother single. Cheers all.
Steve Foster