Friday, September 14, 2007

Record Show Haul

Hello, hope that everyone is geared up for a great weekend. The family and I are headed out on vacation the first of next week, meaning this will probably be my last post for a little while. Today, I thought that I'd share some of my St. Louis record show finds with you. Been spending the last several days listening to this stuff and, I gotta say, it's among the best haul yet. A large array of things here, though not much garage rock this time around.

T.S.U. Toronadoes - Getting The Corners (Atlantic)
Four Hollidays - Grandma Bird (Markie)
Roy Lee Johnson - Boogaloo #3 (Josie)
Tony Clarke - Woman, Love and A Man (Chess)
Sir Mack Rice - I Gotta Have My Baby's Love (Stax)
Rev' Willie Green & the Clovertones - Didn't It Rain (Enrica)
Billy Wilson & the Ernest Scott Combo - Zig-A-Boo (Glaize)
Good-Time Charlie - Watch That Stuff (Galaxy)
Bobby Marchan - Chickee Wah-Wah (Gale)
Freddie Bell and the Bellboys - Ding Dong (Wing)
Jimmy Daley & the Ding A Lings - Rock, Pretty Baby (Brunswick-UK)
Willis Jackson - Swivel Hips (Prestige)
Irene Reid - We're Gonna Make It (Barry!)
Stella Johnson - Yeah Baby (KRC)
Turnarounds - Soul Walk (Tangerine)
Willie White & The Bleu Matts - Everybody Dance (Odessa)
Col. Mike Stahl - Gibson Boogie (Hit)
Lotti Golden - Sock It To Me Baby (Atlantic)
Funk Inc. - Bowlegs (Prestige)
Prince Harold - Baby, You've Got Me (Mercury)
Otis Green - I Ain't Through (Repeto)
Mar-Keys - Foxy (Stax-CANADA)
Greer Brothers - We Don't Dig No Busing (Duke)
Earl Van Dyke & The Motown Brass - 6 By 6 (Soul)
Johnny Darrow - Don't Start Me Talking (Sue)
Tams - Trouble Maker (ABC)
Richard Turley - Makin' Love With My Baby (Fraternity)
Buena Vistas - Here Come Da Judge (Marquee)
Jimmy McCracklin - Can't Raise Me (Imperial)
Rimshots - Save That Thing (A-1)
Olympics - The Stomp (Arvee)
Koko Taylor - Tell Me The Truth (Checker)
Irma Thomas - I Gave You Everything (Chess)
Sam and Dave - Get It (Atlantic)
Turtles - Outside Chance (White Whale)
John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom (Vee Jay)
Lone Twister - The Lone Twister (Atlantic)
James Brown and the Famous Flames - Good Good Lovin' (Federal)
Soul Congress - The Playboy Shuffle (Bang)
Chuck Berry - It Wasn't Me (Chess)
Billy Gayles w/Ike Turner's Rhythm Rockers - I'm Tore Up (Federal)
Daddy "G" - Daddy "G" Rides Again (Legrand)
Gamma Goochie - Booga-Looa (MGM)
Willie Love & His Three Aces - Vanity Dresser Boogie (Trumpet)
Little Junior Parker - My Dolly Bee (Duke)
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - Let's Go Again (King)
Larry Birdsong - Little School Girl (Home of the Blues)
Lowell Fulsom - The Thing (Kent)
Mamie Galore - It Ain't Necessary (St. Lawrence)
Phil Flowers - No Kissin' At The Hop (Wing)
Syl Johnson - Kiss By Kiss (Twinight)
The V.I.P.'s - Flashback (Big Top)
Bo Diddley - Road Runner (Checker)
James & Bobby Purify - I Take What I Want (Bell)
Billy Preston - Billy's Bag (Vee Jay)
Boyd Bennett and His Rockets - Mumbles Blues (King)
Dovells - (Hey, Hey, Hey) Alright (Swan)
Ron Holden - I Need Ya (Now)
Googie Rene Combo - Smokey Joe's La La (Class)
Elton Anderson - Cool Down Baby (Mercury)
Roy Tann - Isabella (Dot)
Warner Mack - Roc-A-Chicka (Decca)
Jimmy Elledge - Bo Diddley (RCA Victor)
Narvel Felts - Rocket Ride (Mercury)
Billy Adams - Got My Mojo Workin' (Sun)

Rockin' Aces - Boot Heel Rock (Jay Bird)
Bill Doggett - Hold It (King)
Rufus Thomas - Boogie Ain't Nuttin' (Stax)
John Fred - Can't I Get (A Word In) (Paula)
Radicals - All You Gotta Do (Crockett)
Mitty Collier - I Can't Lose (Peachtree)
Eddie "Blues Man" Kirkland - Chill Me Baby (Prestige)
Bobby Miller - Uncle Willie Time (Constellation)
Chateaus - Moanin' (Sound Stage 7)
Woody Herman - The Hut (Cadet)

As always, I encourage any commets, requests or anything else about these records. Have a great weekend!


walter said...

Just discoverd your blog. Wow! How can I DL the Record Show haul? Is there a link somewhere or can you repost? Thanks.

Todd Lucas said...

Walter, this posting was merely a list of my record show finds and not available for DL. However, several of these records are on my Everybody Dance podcast, that's still available for DL in the posting directly above this one.