Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Whatnaut Band - Dance To The Music

I'm finally back around on the blog for the first time in a couple of weeks. In the interim, I was doing a lot of looking for records and even had a bit of success. There's also the St. Louis record fair to look forward to this coming Sunday. Yes sir, it's wall to wall digging. Next week, I'll try and have a list of my record show finds ready to go.

Today, I thought that I'd post a record that I found in St. Louis a couple of months ago, namely "Dance To The Music" by the Whatnaut Band. Now, DJ Prestige wrote up this disc, complete with a rundown on the Whatnauts and band, just last week over on his spectacular Flea Market Funk blog. Check out his post here. He didn't get to post an .mp3 for this side of the record though because his copy skips. So, I offered to take up the slack and post it here, since it also happens to be one of my favorite finds of the entire year.

"Dance To the Music" is an instrumental version of the Sly Stone classic, though certainly not a straight reading. The tune begins with snare drums and cymbals clashing, then the horns jump in, briefly, to play some charts. The lead guitar alternately buzzes, wah-wahs and clangs along, even getting a touch psychedelic. The bass guitar is very prominent and funky. And that percussion just keeps getting better, perfect for the job at hand. The Whatnaut Band might not be a household name but they turn in a winner here.


Stuart Shea said...

Does this have anything to do with soul singer Linda Jones' band?

Todd Lucas said...

Stuart, I'd say that's probable. Apparently the Whatnauts and Linda Jones had a common producer.

Vincent said...

Wow, what a heater... Just got home from Deleware, and fighting among the traffic (two traffic fatalities slowed us up big time) has taken its toll. I'll drop you guys a line about the blog party tomorrow.

Peace and blessings.

fleamarketfunk said...

todd - thanks so much for posting this. this song is killer, and a slight skip ruined me posting both sides. thanks again. cheers.

Todd Lucas said...

No problem, I actually wanted to post it anyway, since it was an immediate favorite. Definitely a killer.