Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Norma Rudd - He's Mine

Call it the off season for record collectors, if there is such a thing. The weather stinks, everyone has a cold and it's not exactly prime time for going out and digging. Okay, excuses, excuses, that doesn't exactly explain why I haven't posted anything here in a month. Well, it's a combination of several things, including downright sloth on my part. The truth is, I have managed to find a few records over the winter months and, with the first St. Louis record show of the year quickly approaching, more are soon to follow. Time to kick myself and get with it.

Here's one of those winter finds, "He's Mine" by Norma Rudd. I found this in a box of records at a local thrift shop. The box was full of what looked to be old juke box stock, all a bit dusty but, otherwise, in fine shape. The items ranged from garage rock to country and were mostly pretty common, yet there were several that I could use. Today's disc is among the best and least common of that haul.

I haven't been able to find out anything about Norma Rudd. I'm not sure, maybe this was her only record. I have located a date of 1965 for this disc, which fits right in with the other items that were in the box. Sure-Shot appears to be a Texas label and I've seen mention of it being part of the Duke/Peacock stable.

"He's Mine" is nice, mid-tempo r&b, with Rudd's voice singing over modest instrumental backing. There are also lots of backing vocals, giving the tune a near girl group sound. There's also one of my favorites, a guitar break. Even though it's not an especially wild one, it gives the song a little rock and roll bite. Overall, one of my early favorites of 2008.


Devil Dick said...

man that is a killer lookin' label but the player aint workin' for me...???

Todd Lucas said...

Divshare is known for its unreliability. It works okay for me right now but who knows about ten minutes down the road?

Devil Dick said...

ahh yeah, that's much better!!! nice guitar break.

Derek See said...

WOW...this is a great one. Amazing find!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice find.