Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shadie Oller - Come To Me, Baby/You Sure Look Good To Me

I thought that I'd jump back in today with another pair of hillbilly rockers. They're from a record that I found a couple of years ago in an antique mall. I don't know a thing about Shadie Oller. Summit was a label out of Central City, KY. Today's record is from 1959.

"Come To Me, Baby" is pretty much straight up rockabilly. Shadie Oller sings with a country warble. There's some cool rockin' guitar, drums that pack a wallop and a piano break. The whole thing lasts well under two minutes.

"You Sure Look Good To Me" is a little slower and a tad more country & western but still a pretty fair rocker. Plus, this time, we're treated to a guitar break.

I checked out the excellent Rockin' Country Style website and it lists just this one record for Shadie Oller. The Summit label had a few releases between 1958 and 1960. Other than that, the internet turns up a big ol' goose egg. I'd sure like to know more.

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Devil Dick said...

cool stuff right thar!