Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Dave Clark Five - Five By Five

One of the great things about record collecting is that I never know what I'll find. Hardly a digging session goes by that I don't find something completely new to me. That would include running across an unknown record by a known band. Here's a great example of that, "Five By Five" by The Dave Clark Five.

Now, let me start by saying that I'm not the biggest DC5 fan you'll run into. In fact, I can take or leave a lot of their material and even have a bit of disdain for some of their remakes (I think their take on "I Like It Like That" is absolutely hideous). But, let's forget that for now because "Five By Five" is an absolute gem of a record.

Tucked away on the b-side of a pretty uninspiring 1970(!!) single called "Here Comes Summer" (sort of the Beach Boys meet country rock), "Five By Five" is a walloping instrumental, with pounding drums, buzzing and screeching guitars, plus a dose of organ. It's very mod sounding. Some might even call it freakbeat. I just call it pretty great.


Anonymous said...

I love it.


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