Monday, June 02, 2008

Barry Ebling & the Invaders - I Can Make It Without You/Sunny Day Rain

Looking for records can be a blast but is also often frustrating. Sometimes, I can go out looking all day, without finding much of interest. I thought that's the kind of day it was going to be, last Friday.

I jumped in my car in the morning and headed out, driving a pretty good distance in my quest. Things weren't going so hot (no pun intended -- it was hot, about 85 degrees and the air in my car went kaput two summers ago), as I was finding a few albums that looked interesting (not bad and a virtual rarity) but hardly any singles of note. Finally, on my way back home, I made a stop in a little resale shop that had a small pile of 45's on the floor at a quarter each. I found a few good ones, including today's winner by Barry Ebling & the Invaders. That turned a so-so day into a good one.

I don't know much about Barry Ebling & the Invaders, except that this record looks like their only release. Norman was a St. Louis based label and Searchin' for Shakes lists the Invaders' home base as Granite City, IL. It also has their record as a 1967 release.

"I Can Make It Without You" is a prime slab of snotty garage rock. The singer has been hearing rumors that his girl is sneaking around behind his back and he wants to know the truth. Meanwhile, each refrain reinforces that if she's cheating, he can make it without her. Between each verse, there's some cool, fuzzed out guitar, plus a fuzzy break and still more fuzz at the end.

"Sunny Day Rain" is a bit different but no less good. It's has a moodier, almost folky garage sound, a little like the Beau Brummels. It's also nice and upbeat, with harmony vocals and a jangley guitar on the break.

You can't go wrong with either side of this disc, one of the best that I've found this year. I'd say it was 25 cents well spent.


Anonymous said...

These guys rock! I saw them on the St. Louis Hop, the town's version of American Bandstand and the lead singer was hot! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This was the only release by the Invaders. It got drafty about this time & the group split. Barry is somewhere in Costa Rica but can be contacted:, but don't expect a speedy reply.