Monday, July 21, 2008

Indy Show Finds - July Edition

Well, the record hunt continues once again. Last week, Indianapolis had one of its bi-monthly record shows and yes, I was there. So, just as Todd reported to you his finds in St. Louis, I now report you my finds in Indy. It's a small haul, but with lots of soul and funk to spare. So, here we go:

Maceo and the Macks: Paarty Pts. 1 and 2 (People)
Fred Wesley and the JBs: JB Shout (People)
The JBs: Hot Pants Road/Pass The Peas (People)
Gloria Walker: Papa's Got The Wagon (People)
Denise LaSalle: Keep It Comin' (Westbound)
Irma Thomas: What Are You Trying To Do? (Imperial)
Society's Bag: Let It Crawl (Warner Brothers)
The Turnarounds: Soul Walk (Tangerine)
C. Smalls and Co.: The Buzzard/Keep On Groovin' (A&M)
Phil Flowers and the Flower Shop: Keep On Sockin' It Children/Like A Rolling Stone (A&M)
Bobby Byrd: If You Don't Work, You Don't Eat (King)
The Gross National Product: Hey, Pop Musician (A&M)
Brother Jack McDuff: Talking Bout My Woman (Prestige)
The Boys in the Band: (How About A Little Hand For) The Boys in the Band (from the film "The
Phynx")/Sumpin Heavy (Spring)
Shirley Scott: Roll 'Em (Impulse)
Bowlegs and his Band: One More Time Pts. 1 and 2 (Vee Jay)
Al Browne's Band: Soul Parts 1 and 2 (Providence)
Juggy: Soul At Sunrise/Just A Minute (Sue)
Henry Moore: Rock Junction/Spongie (King)
The BBC: Upside Down (Mega)
Albert Collins: Albert's Alley/Defrost (Hall-Way)
The Joyride: The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (World Pacific)

And that about does it. Like I said, it was small, but bountiful. Next one: September 14th. As always, please, please, please leave any questions or comments about any of the records you may have. Todd's going to be off to Pismo Beach this week, but he may have a post or two before he takes off. I'll have a few to share with you this week from The Electric Prunes, The Jolly Jax and The Five Royals so be watching for them.


Devil Dick said...

ooooo! Juggy on Sue!


you guys donn't quit!


vinylfool said...

Too bad I missed the show Brian. The "Phil Flowers etc" on King sounds interesting.

Looking forward to the "Prunes". Great band.