Friday, July 25, 2008

Jeanie Allen - I'm Your Slave

As Brian mentioned in an earlier post, I'm already off to the west coast. I've typed out a couple of posts ahead of time that are going up while I'm gone. Today is the first of those.

Here's a rocker for a Friday, "I'm Your Slave" by Jeanie Allen. This was a recent record show purchase and here are the sketchy details. It's from 1961 and appears on one of the Buffalo Bop compilations. Dave the Spazz has played it a time or two on his WFMU radio show, so at least I know that someone else with good taste likes it. Arliss Records was located in New York and producer Robert Lissauer probably resided there, so it's likely that's where the record was cut. About the only other info that I can give you is printed right on the label. Backing vocals were provided by the Beavers and Marvin Montgomery conducted the orchestra, which sounds like your standard guitar and drum based rockin' bunch. I can't tell you much of anything about Jeanie Allen, as she didn't seem to make many records.

On to the record, itself. "I'm Your Slave" is up-tempo and Jeanie Allen's voice sounds particularly suited for it. The Beavers sound like an all female bunch and there's a really cool guitar break about half-way through. Other than that, it's probably best to let the music do the talking. This puppy is all wrapped up and done in just 1:38, leaving little time for big explanations.


Planet Mondo said...

Loving that crazy beat - thanks for posting.

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