Monday, August 04, 2008

Back From California - Latest Finds

Howdy, the family and I got back from our west coast vacation a few days ago. Meanwhile, I've spent the past couple of days fighting a nasty head cold. Things are a bit better now and I must say that I once again really enjoyed my stay out west, regaling in the ocean air and 70 degree weather. Of course, it's 95 degrees and humid here in the midwest.

While in California, I had the chance to check out a couple of flea markets (or swap meets, as they're more commonly called there), plus numerous thrift and antique stores. There were lots of places where I came up dry but I managed to track down a few good records. Then, on Sunday, after we'd returned home, I found a few more at the local flea market. Anyway, here's a list of the best stuff I got.

California finds:

Hal Blaine: Midnight At Pinks (Dunhill)
Anna King-Bobby Byrd: Baby, Baby Baby (Smash)
Ohio Express: Make Love Not War (Buddah)
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band: Do Your Thing (Warner Bros.)
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen: Movin' Surf/Racing Waves (Capitol)
Ike & Tina Turner: The Cash Box Blues (Philles)
Sammy Masters & His Rocking Rhythm: Pink Cadillac/Some Like It Hot (4 Star)
Tiny Bradshaw: Heavy Juice (King)
Nervous Norvus: Stoneage Woo (Embee)
Bert Convy: The Gorilla/The Monsters Hop (Contender)
F.J. Jones: Schum-Schum Man (PS)
Sly: Buttermilk, Pt's. 1&2 (Autumn)
Round Robin: The Roundest of Them All (Domain)
Ray Johnson: Soul City/Kinda Groovy (Infinity)

Sunday flea market finds:

Bill Black's Combo: Bluff City Cookin' (Mega)
Syl Johnson: Dresses Too Short (Twinight)
Isley Brothers: Give The Women What They Want (T-Neck)
O.V. Wright: What Did You Tell This Girl of Mine (Back Beat)
O.V. Wright: Fed Up With The Blues (Back Beat)
Lowell Fulsom: Make A Little Love (Kent)
Joe Simon: The Girl's Alright With Me (Sound Stage 7)
Erma Franklin: You've Been Cancelled (Brunswick)
Eddie Holland: Leaving Here (Motown)
Big Walter & the Thunderbirds: Watusi Freeze, Pt's 1&2 (Myrl)
Lou Courtney: Hey Joyce (Pop-Side)


The RedBoy said...

Man o' man but that Bert Convy disc is two sides of pure rawk!

It's one of my faves!


Devildick has quite a tale to tell concerning that cut.

Devil Dick said...

indeed i do.... a sad tale of love & loss....

how much do you want for it...???

i'm serious!

Todd Lucas said...

No plans to sell the Bert Convy disc, as it's already a favorite.

Devil Dick said...


Derek See said...

whoa! You Got "hey Joyce" at a flea??? SCORE!!!!

Stuart Shea said...

And you got "Stoneage Woo"? Holy flying cats!