Monday, September 15, 2008

Indy Show Finds - September Edition

Hello all. I hope you've been digging our special mix prepared by the mighty Vincent the Soul Chef. There's some very tasty tunes on that set, so if you haven't yet, I encourage you to do so immediately.

Speaking of tasty tunes, I found a mess of them at yesterday's Indianapolis Record and CD Show. As usual, if I had more cash I would undoubtedly get more, but this time I managed to find some nice stompin' R&B, plus a few rockabilly classics and even one sort-of garage record. I recap my findings for you now, whether you dig it or not:

The Checkmates: Hey Mrs. Jones (Parts 1 and 2) (Arvee)
Gentleman June Gardner: It's Gonna Rain/Last Night (Emarcy)
Lulu Reed: Say Hey Pretty Baby (Federal)
Don Hines: Baby Tell It Like It Is (Hi)
Amen Corner: High in the Sky (Deram)
Ronnie Haig: Rocking with Rhythm & Blues (Note)
Freddie Fender: Mean Woman (Imperial)
The Original Casuals: So Tough (Back Beat)
Wynona Carr: I'm Mad At You (Specialty)
Dick Dale and the Del-Tones: Misirlou/Eight Till Midnight (Deltone)
Johnny Williams: Breaking Point (Twinight)
Lowell Fulsom: Coming Home (Checker)
O.V. Wright: Oh Baby Mine/Working Your Game (Back Beat)
Danny Overbea: I'm Tired of Being Tossed Around (Federal)
Azie Mortimer: That's That (Get Off My Back) (Number One)
Albert Collins: Ain't Got Time (Imperial)
Howlin' Wolf: I Smell A Rat (Chess)
Buchanan and Goodman: Santa and the Satellite (Parts 1 and 2) (Luniverse)
The Fantastic Johnny C.: (She's) Some Kind of Wonderful (Phil L.A. Of Soul)
Joe Turner: Honey Hush (Atlantic)
Little Willie John: Spasms (King)
The Esquires: You Say (Bunky)
Carl Perkins: Glad All Over (Sun)
Lou Donaldson: Aligator Boogaloo (Blue Note)
The Knight Bros.: That'll Get It (Checker)
Terry and the Chain Reaction: Keep Your Cool/Stop Stoppin' Me (United Artists)
Herbie Mann: Hold On, I'm Comin (Atlantic)
The Soul Children: Hold On, I'm Coming/Make It Good (Stax)
Otis Williams and his Charms: Blues Stay Away From Me (Deluxe)
Bill Doggett: Raw Turkey (King)
The Rock-A-Teens: Woo Hoo (Roulette)
Gary U.S. Bonds: Workin' For My Baby (Legrand)
Chuck Willis: Betty and Dupree (Atlantic)
Dante and the Evergreens: Time Machine (Madison)

So, there you go. As always, if you got questions or comments you like to make, please do so. I'm reasonably pleased with this group and I will no doubt be there on November 16, when the next show is. Afterwhich you will get another report. You lucky devil, you!

Again, I stress, check out Vincent The Soul Chef's righteous special mix for "It's Great Shakes." Not only will you be glad you did, but it just might help make you a little hipper, if you know what I mean and I know you do.


Stuart Shea said...

Man, do I love me some "Woo-Hoo" by the Rock-a-Teens.

Anonymous said...

its neat at the indy show. i was there last in 2006.
when you go back go to the show go to the missing link record store they have lots of intresting rare stuff.
rockin billys is good too if they are even opened anymore.

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