Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bert Convy - "The Monster's Hop"/"The Gorilla" (Contender)

With Halloween quickly approaching, It's Great Shakes now presents a nifty novelty 2-sider recorded by a man who would later be associated with game shows like "Tattletales," "Super Password" and "Win Lose Or Draw." I'm talking about Bert Convy, of course.

In addition to being a prominent game-show host and panelist, Convy had appeared on Broadway and appeared in numerous TV movies, TV shows and films, even directing on a few occasions. Before all that, Convy had a Top Ten hit as part of The Cheers with "Black Denim Trousers." Shortly after his stint with The Cheers, Convy worked as a solo act, recording this two-sider gem in 1959 for the Contender label. Not too long after that, Roger Corman cast him in his cult classic "A Bucket of Blood." He would soon have a massive, multi-faceted career that would last for nearly 30 years before dying of a brain tumor in 1991.

We've featured this record on this blog before, but now we can present it with the addition of sound so you can feel as well as hear it, hahahaha. But anyway, he gets into a scary monster party on one side and deals with a crazed gorilla, out of his cage, who eats the Purple People Eater whole on the flip. It's our hope that you enjoy them.

Bert Convy in A Bucket of Blood, 1959


Planet Mondo said...

Marvellous stuff, Devil Dick's

been firing off some cracking spooky tunes too - lately, and I'm trying to get a Halloween mix sorted in time for the 31st

The RedBoy said...

Once again, great cuts!

Devil Dick said...

i cry about this one...

it's the one that got away....

keep yer eyes peeled for a red boy/devil dick halloween split mix coming soon!

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