Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indy Show Finds - November Edition

Well, it's Indy record show time once again. I didn't have a whole lot of cash so my finds won't be as spectacular as Todd's, but I did find some really cool items, most of them for a buck or two or three. So, here we go:

Screamin' Jay Hawkins: You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)(Okeh)
Lloyd Price: The Chicken and the Bop (KRC)
Bo Diddley: Diddley Daddy/She's Fine, She's Mine (Checker)
Bobby Hendricks: Itchy Twitchy Feeling (Sue)
Wilson Pickett: Fire and Water (Atlantic)
Bobby Byrd: We Are In Love (Smash)
Tom & Jerry: Dancin' Wild/Hey Schoolgirl (Big)
The Olympics: (I Wanna) Dance with the Teacher (Demon)
The Olympics: Shimmy Like Kate (Arvee)
B.B. King: Beautician Blues (Kent)
Woody Gunther & Cheaters: Bang Dangin' Time (Shout)
The Flirtations: Nothing but a Heartache (Deram)
Freddy King: Girl From Kookamunga (King)
Dennis Coffey & the Lyman Woodard Trio: It's Your Thing (Maverick)
Bill Coday: I Got A Thing (Galaxy)
Rudy Robinson and The Hungry Four: Close Your Mouth Parts 1 and 2 (Lau-Reen)
T-Bone Walker: Hey Hey Baby (Modern)
The In Crowd: Do The Surfer Jerk (Musicor)
The Fugitives: Mean Woman (Columbia)

And here's a few others I just got in the past few weeks from a few eBay scores and flea market finds:

The Harbour Lites: Run For Your Life (Fontana)
The Orchids: Good Gully (Wall)
Katie Webster and Cookie with his Cupcakes: You Gonna Need Me (Goldband)
William Bolinger: You Can Lead Your Woman to the Altar (Chess)
Irma Thomas: Hip Shakin' Mama (Maison de Soul)
The Royal Checkmates: Get Out Of My Life Woman (Faro)
June Jackson: Let's Try Dancin' (Bell)
Wendy Rene: Bar B-Q (Stax)
The Endeavors: I Know You Don't Want Me (Stop)
Big John Greer: Record Hop (King)
Soupy Sales: My Baby's Got A Crush On Frankenstein (Reprise)
Shep and the Limeliters: The Monkey (Hull)
Billy Bland: Chicken In Basket (Old Town)
Lightnin' Hopkins: Feel So Bad/Shot Gun (Imperial)
The Pretty Things: Midnight To Six Man (Fontana)
Ricky Nelson: Believe What You Say (Imperial)
Thurston Harris: Do What You Did (Aladdin)
The Soul Reps: Soul Food (Limelight)
Billie & Lillie: Creepin' Crawlin' Cryin' (Swan)
Miles Davis: Molester Parts 1 and 2 (Columbia)

And a few others I'm to lazy to get up and find at the moment. Hope you enjoyed this little trip into the diggin' fields. As always, if there's one of these you'd like to know about, please leave a comment or two.

Next Indy show: January 4.


vinylfool said...

Hmmm, the In-Crowd on Musicor. I remember that one, I was to the left of you, in the Technicolor nightmare jacket, while you were playing a few 45s. I dig the hot rod surf sound so that caught my ear.
I found a handful of Indiana 45s and and some Fenton 45s that I just needed to own! I'll say hey next time!

Brian Marshall said...

In that case, I'll see you January 4 when the next show is.

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