Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dave Sheffield - Snatchin' Peaches/Ling Ting Laundry

Don't let it be said that I don't take requests. Someone left a comment on my recent St. Louis record show post, asking that I blog today's record sometime soon. And, absent any other bright ideas, I figured that now would be as good a time as any to get to it.

A couple of things. I have no idea who Dave Sheffield is. I can only find a listing for him and this one record. About all I can tell you about it is that both sides were recorded in late 1960 and the disc was probably released then too, early 1961 at the latest.

What we have here are a pair of rock and roll novelties that sort of resemble The Coasters, especially "Ling Ting Laundry". Both sides feature some good guitar. I really wish that I could tell you more. Maybe someone out there can fill in some of the blanks. If so, let's hear from you.

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