Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rudy Dozier - Wicked

Is this the best record I've found this year? Could be, especially when you consider I snagged this at the bottom of a box of otherwise worthless dross in a junk store and not at some record show. When I first found this, I had no idea who Rudy Dozier was and still don't, really. Maybe I did a little poking around on the net looking for information but I've long since forgotten if I found out anything. Did he make any other good records? Any other records at all? Looking at the label, it might not be Rudy Dozier singing at all. Somebody named Vince Tamburo is "featured". Is he the vocalist?

"Wicked" is a great, screaming rocker that's over all too soon. Finds like this are the true joy of record collecting, completely unknown and unexpected. You never know.


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Abe Twist said...

Wicked, wicked tune!!!!

Love the blog!

I've put a link to your place in my blogroll.

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Hunter said...


Soul Motion said...

NNNNNNiiiiiicccce !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rudy Dozier is actually my father in law. I think this was his only album. He was drafted and never went back to hollywood. Another good song of his is Lets Carve our Initials.

Jenny Dozier

LoreNZo (Mad Daddy from NZ) said...

Eeee-yowwch! What a hot scorcher! It set my ear-wax alight!!!

Thanx heaps for sharing this, & keep the shakes a'comin! :D