Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some More New Acquisitions

Hello, everyone. Well, once again the record bug has bit me and here's another crop of wax that I've managed to pick up in the last couple of months. As before, I'm going to tell you a little bit about each one. Hope you enjoy:

The Banlons: Hey Good Lookin'/I Like It (Fidelity.....Great rockin' doo wop with a Hank Williams cover and a cool original.)

The Swingin' Medallions: Rollin' Rovin' River (123....A later period offering in which they have a brassier sound....a far cry from the genius of "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love).

Aaron Neville: Over You (Minit) Classic New Orleans r & b with a song later covered by Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Hank Ballard and the Midnighters: House With No Windows/Cute Little Ways (King) A double sider from Mr. Ballard and his crew, a slow one and a more raucous flip.

Rabbit and Geno: Why Did You Go (Bow) Pretty cool sleazy R&B ballad.

John Lee Hooker: No More Doggin' (Battle) Accoustic blues from the master.

The Road Runners: Little Pig (Commerce) Pretty cool fratty rocker.

The Jordan Brothers: It's A Shame (Vim) I like this fast-paced rocker a lot, but some of their others ("The One That Got Away") are better.

Chuck Berry: Jaguar and Thunderbird/Our Little Rendezvous (Chess) This is one from Chuck you don't see too often and it's got two heapin' helpin's of his classic sound. "Jaguar and Thunderbird" is very much along the same lines as "Maybelline."

Bill Yates and His T-Birds: Don't Step On My Dog (Sun) Solid soul stomper along the same lines as Rufus Thomas.

Lyn Collins: Think (About It)(People) Female funk empowered by Mr. James Brown.

Hannah Dean: Itty Bitty Love (Columbia) Chick rock 'n' roll shouter

The Emanons: Calypso Bop/Stomper (Doll) Both sides are good guitar instrumentals with one side being more smokin' than the other. I believe, however, the label got the sides mixed up. Still, a killer record from "The only pinup record in the world."

Sir Guy and the Rockin' Cavaliers: Funky Virginia (N.P.G.) Really cool stompin' funky record.

The Teen Beats: The Slop Beat/Califf Boogie (Original Sound) Two more killer instros from this group. I also have Swimmin' Parts 1 and 2 from these guys.

Sam Hawkins: Hold On Baby (Blue Cat) Not too bad Northern Soul.

Booker T. Averhart and the Mustangs: Take Your Shoes Off Parts 1 and 2 (Kent) Another really cool funky number with Part 1 being vocal and Part 2 being instrumental.

The T-Birds: Full House (Andex) Really great rockin' instrumental. Don't know if they're related to Bill Yates' T-Birds or not. My guess is probably not.

Mr. Kasandra and the Sandrets: Hully-Gully-Suzie-Q (Sahara) Pretty good soul dancer.

Ersel Hickey: Hangin' Around (Epic) Pretty good rockabilly bopper.

Kipper and the Exciters: Drum Twist Parts 1 and 2 (Torch) Really great drum/guitar instrumental. This is actually Kip Tyler, who wrote and produced.

The Interpretations: Soul Affection (Bell) Really great, speeded-up funk record.

The Velvelettes: He Was Really Sayin' Something (V.I.P) Great Motown girl pop stomper. It was a minor hit for them, I believe.

The Hi-Boys: Billy Boy (Mala) A bit on the frat rock-ish side.

And there you have the extend of my record collecting as of late. I'm sure there's more to come. I hope so anyway.


Little Danny said...

Well done! (And fascinating list.)

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

a very nice list. I think The Emanons have been comped a few times. I also like when you elaborate on the records as well. Gives me an idea if I should pick some of these up

Mondo said...

Looking forward to hearing the rips

Tonk said...


Is it possible you could re-upload Lenny Bruce - Death Row 172. You posted it in 2005 but I'm replying here as you'll maybe not see it if i reply there.
I've been looking for this track for years, after a guy who owned the original vinyl contacted me, but after his friend transferred it to cd he was too technically inept to transfer it to his pc despite me talking him through it in baby steps, and I had to let it go. Now I find you had it online in 2005 and a podcast on another site had it in nov'09, but that's also a dead link now. Really frustrating.

You can contact me at the email address on