Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yet more new acquisitions

Hello, all. Well, looks like it's time for yet another list. (Aren't you thrilled?) I've added a few more goodies to my library, which I am going to tell you about right now. These come from eBay and a few other places. So, here they are, without further adieu:

Larry Collins: Get Along Home Cindy (Columbia)(At least I think that's the title, but the label's real worn off. Plus, I once watched a clip of The Kingston Trio doing this exact same song in its folk version. This one's a decent rock 'n' roll version with a solid guitar break, as can be expected by one half of The Collins Kids in his adolescent stage.)

The Galaxies IV: Let Me Hear You Say Yeah (Veep)(Really cool garage frat rock, highly uptempo and charging.)

The Bluebeards: Come On A-My House (Date)(Sort of a psychedelic version of the old Rosemary Clooney chestnut with some Middle Eastern influence by way of some sitar breaks. Strangely enough, the B-side, "I'm Home," has the exact same melody as Johnnie Walker's "You're All Mine" on Tollie.)

The Countdowns: You Know I Do (Bear)(Garage punk 'n' roll with some sweet guitar stinging. These guys were from Iowa and this record comes from 1968.)

The Interns: Hard To Get (Uptown)(Very tough California garage punk from 1968 with fuzz. Wish the copy was a bit better, but it gets the job done.)

Stacy Lane: African Twist (Excello) (Stompin' soul, that's all I have to say.)

The Exciting Voices: Didn't It Rain (Bel Canto)(Swingin' gospel shouter that takes a bit to get started, but when it gets going, it cooks!)

Hound Dog Clowns: Super Fox (Uni)(In which Kim Fowley pretends to be James Brown. Lots of screams on this off-the-wall attempt at funk.)

Hully Gully Boys: Yabba (Amy) (Off-the-wall instrumental with lots of African rhythms and tribal yelling. "Fool's Paradise" on WFMU plays a soundbite of this after the soundclip that says "I take real enjoyment in good music, stuff like that. Surprising, huh?"

The Sounds of Jack Downes: Monkey Mash/Up Up and Away (Vistone)(Side A's a smokin' funky instro, while Side B's the Fifth Dimension classic done up the smokin' instrumental way.)
The Supertones: Slippin' and Sloppin' (Parts 1 and 2)(Everest)(Pretty cool guitar instrumental on Part 1, less so on Part 2.)

The Big Beats: Rush Me (Columbia)(Pretty cookin' guitar and sax instrumental. I was told that Trini Lopez is on this.)

The Chapelaires: Gloria (HAC)(Pretty good slow doo-wop record. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but good for what it is.)

Starlites: Valerie (Fury)(This is a really cool doo-wop tune that has a righteous desperate vibe to it. Too bad my copy is extremely hammered. I'm glad someone enjoyed it.)

The Night Hawks: Bunny Ride (Pacific)(Decent instrumental with a noir-ish edge to it.)

Aretha Franklin: Rough Lover (Columbia)(One of Aretha's pre-Atlantic sides, this is a good soul shouter, with Lady Soul demanding a REAL man.)

Buddy Miles Express: Funky Mule/Don't Mess With Cupid (Mercury)(Equally funked-up instro version of the Marvin Holmes classic "Ride Your Mule" with some wild drum work, backed up with a solid pounding version of the Redding-Cropper penned favorite.)

Sonny Green: It's A Game/I Can Ketch But I Can't Hold (Fuller)(Pretty solid slow blues two-sider with some shouting vocals.)

Dick St. John: Boogie Man (I Ain't Afraid Of You)(Rona) (This goes to my Halloween collection: holiday novelty with lots of sinister laughing.)

Dick Dale and his Deltones: Surf Beat/Peppermint Man (Deltone)(I don't think I need to describe this one. You either know it or you don't.)

Smokey Smothers: I've Been Drinking Muddy Water/I Ain't Gonna Be No Monkey Man No More (Federal)(Easily one of the best of this batch. Smokin' hot blues cookers with wild guitar work. This copy's hammered, but it plays okay. I gotta hear more of this cat's stuff.)

Warren Lee: Funky Belly (Wand)(Solid New Orleans funk 'n' soul. Somebody else does a song with this title, but I don't remember who.)

Bob Callaway and the Chicks: Native/Look Out For The Clothesline (RCA Victor)(Jungle madness on the A-side with cries of "Bwana" and "Ungawa" backed up with a pretty cool novelty tune on the flip.

Bill Deal and the Rondells: Tuck's Theme (Heritage)(Really great soul instrumental. My copy's got a big scratch on it, but it does play well.)

Les Cooper and the Soulrockers: Garbage Can (Everlast)(Decent soul instrumental. His best remains "Let's Do The Boston Monkey."

Johnny Otis: Hey Hey Hey Hey (Dig)(Cool R&B version of a song also done by Little Richard. Not sure if this version came first or not.)

Tony Sheridan and the Big Six: Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Polydor International)(Really fine mod record from someone once associated with The Beatles. I think this came afterward, but I'm not sure.)

Harmon Bethea The Maskman: Prices and Crises (Jan Jan)(Early 70's funk in which The Maskman raps about price increases. Still timely today, me thinks.)

Junior Dean and the Avalons: Chick Chick (Dee Jay Jamboree)(80s reissue of a smokin' hot rockabilly cut.)

Rockin' Ramrods: I Wanna Be Your Man (Plymouth)(Rockin' garage version of a Beatles tune.)

Well, that's it for today. There's a record show in Indy tomorrow, so we'll see what kind of cheapies I can scoop up. You'll get another report about it here when I get around to it. I also have some records lined up to post from Round Robin, The Interpretations and Jay Dee Bryant. More 45s will follow from either me or Todd. Until then, see you later.

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Todd Lucas said...

Great list, love the Stacy Lane record.