Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bill Parker: Gonna Put My Foot Down/I Waited in the Rain (Anla AN1-125)

So far, the only info I can track down about this thing is that Anla was a subsidiary label of Goldband (according to the Wang Dang Dula website). I guess that only makes sense as this crudely recorded slice of funk seems to have "swamp" written all over it. "I Waited in the Rain" is the more blues-oriented of the two, where as "Gonna Put My Foot Down" is as raw and funky as all get out. They're both characterized by Parker's low, near-mumbling vocals, phrases repeated over and over, wicked guitar work (especially on "Foot"), heavy organ and abrupt endings. It's that last part that gives you a clue about how ultra-low-budget these recordings must have been, as "Foot" cuts off in the middle of the fade out, while "Rain" sounds as if the tape broke off during the mastering and the engineer just said, "Forget it. Too late." Thus, this can be called interesting, but it's worth it for "Foot," which is really cool, lowdown funky stuff.

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