Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bobby (Boris) Pickett - Monster Man Jam (White Whale WW-363)

Tackling Corporate Greed
In 1970, Bobby "Boris" Pickett, he of the "Monster Mash," brought his monsters back once again. This time, though, they were environmentally conscious. They were concerned about the effects of DDT, radioactive fallout and, of course, pollution. So, since the living were making a mess of things, the monsters of the undead decide to go to Washington "where the real bloodsuckers lie" to kick some booty and straighten things out. (Dracula says, in a priceless line, he'll "even drink the polluted blood of corporate presidents.") They do just that by the record's conclusion, where the moral of this story is: "The real monsters are you and me." Well, except for the occasional "Right on" inserted here and there, these monsters would be right at home in today's politically correct climate. This was one of several follow-ups to that 1962 graveyard smash that Mr. Pickett recorded and one of two he cut in 1970 for White Whale. Except for "Monster's Holiday," they really didn't go anywhere. But "Monster Mash" itself would bounce back into the Top 10 in 1973, so I guess he needn't worry too long. As this one stands......cute.

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Todd Lucas said...

Ha, I'd love to hear this one. Sounds like a hoot.