Monday, July 11, 2005

Egyptian Combo - The Frog

Here's a record from a southern Illinois combo. But I had this long before I ever moved here. It was a record show find from just about the time that I really started collecting old 45's. And what a way to start! No wonder I became so rabid over the things.

Norman was a St. Louis label and I naturally thought the Egyptian Combo musta hailed from there. Lo and behold, after relocating here a couple of years ago, I proceed to find out they're actually from nearby Herrin, IL. Not only are they local but they're still playing the occasional show to this day. I haven't managed to catch their live act yet but am hoping to, eventually.

"The Frog" is one of those things that sounds like it was dreamed up on the spot, a totally wild instumental romp. There's some mean, frantic, somewhat country-like guitar picking and the guys are having a great time, whooping and hollering in the background throughout the reocrd. Every once in awhile the music stops just long enough for the sound of a croaking frog to chime in and then off they go again. Finally, it winds down at the end, as though the band is totally wiped. Who can blame them?


Gary Miller said...

I knew these guys. We had a band there in the 60's and played at Carrie's in Murphysboro. Take a look at my site and click on the about me link.

Todd Lucas said...

Gary, I checked out your site. Would love to hear more about your days in southern Illinois and your band, The Nite Owls.